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Richest sample sources of Data100 online database in China

  • Consumer panel ……………….. 4.32 million
  • 100% IR max com …… 200,000~300,000
  • Monthly invitations ……….......... 3 million+
  • Average Response rate ………..10%~15%
  • Average dropout rate …………. 10%~20%
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Our History


Built Data100 Insight China Sample Database,Pioneer in China to launch online survey service, platform goes live– SURVEYCOOL


Collaboration with SNS Channel,Collaborated with other channels to reach larger poll size in 2008 ,Worked with SNS Channels such as Tencent, Taobao, Sina, etc. which allows the reach of online sample size to 10 millions members


Online Quality Assurance measures Officially launched and implemented comprehensive online survey sample quality assurance procedures and data verification system in 2010


Established precise specialized panels Panel size climbed up to 1.4 million active members up-to-date reated various specialized panel databases i.e. Car owner, Students, Mothers and High income group etc.


Matrix Cloud panel Matrix Cloud Panel size reached 4 million active members up-to-date Became a global insight company partner, and achieve API technology docking

Specialized Panel


New Middle Class

New Countryside








Online Consumer

Mass Market Consumer

City Distribution

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  • Tier 1 City (4): Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • Tier 2 City (35): Directly-controlled municipalities, provincial capital cities and economic important cities
  • Tier 3 City (59): provincial capital cities and prefecture-level cities
  • Tier 4 City (199): Prefecture-level cities and county-level cities

We ensure the validity and authenticity of the Survey by implementing multiple quality control measures,
we assure all the projects are strictly processed and monitored under Quality Control.

1. Preset survey design standards to identify potential problems before implementation
2. Apply quality control throughout the process to assure accurate Sampling
3. Specialised Automatic Data Report & Quality Control Report
4. Post Survey Online Panel Quality Control

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